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Step into my treatment room, where I'm dedicated to creating a tailored wellness experience just for you.


As a San Diego native and a mother of three, I've spent over 20 years as an esthetician, and my passion lies in holistic anti-aging solutions. I specialize in facial massage techniques that not only enhance your facial features and promote glowing skin but also can provide relief from TMJ and neck discomfort.


The core of my treatments revolves around my unique sculpting, soothing, and firming facial massage. I've spent years refining my skills through training from around the world in various face massage techniques, including Buccal massage, Intra-oral Massage, Osteopathic massage, Lymphatic and Gua Sha massage, Russian, European, Japanese, and Chinese variations.


My focus is simple: to help you feel beautiful and more youthful in your own skin using effective massage techniques. Facial massage allows me to work on the fascia, muscles, bones, and fat tissue that change as we age. This approach softens fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the fascial adhesions and toning facial muscles. All my facials include manipulation of lymph and blood flow, boosting your natural elastin and collagen production while sculpting and lifting the muscles of your face and neck.


In each of my facial treatments, I use only natural ingredients and many plant-based remedies. Some of my facials also incorporate advanced technologies like LED light therapy, micro-current, or ultrasonic technology to target specific skin concerns at a deeper level.


If you're ready to nourish your skin and experience transformative results, book an appointment with me. I'm excited to provide you with a rejuvenating experience that celebrates your natural beauty.

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